Project Management.

As experienced and PMI certified Project Managers we can help you successfully implement and coordinate your Energy Transition and Circular Economy projects.

Some of our recent projects include:


Building Innovative Green Hydrogen systems in an Isolated Territory: a pilot for Europe (EU-funded BIG HIT project), 2015-ongoing

We are responsible for the:

  • project planning and delivery, including the development of the EU-funded H2020 proposal (secured 5m€ grant; total project costs 11.9m€); 

  • technical project coordination and management of on-site project deployment activities; 

  • supporting UK and international dissemination activities.


Hydrogen Energy Applications in Valley Environments for Northern Netherlands (EU-funded HEAVENN project), January 2020 kick off

We are responsible for the:

  • technical project design and development, including the development of the EU-funded H2020 proposal (secured 20m€; total project costs 90m€); 

  • support of project coordination as Technical Project Lead; 

  • development of business and techno-economic models

  • support for the development of a regional roadmap and EU replication strategy.